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History of Our Club

Mushin Shotokan Karate Club is a karate Club that was first created in its present form on 10th January 2005 in the Andover Sports Centre, Hampshire. 
It is a club that is dedicated to the promotion and development of ones character through the study of martial arts. 
Shotokan karate is a form of Karate that is recognised as being one of the strongest.
We in the club believe also in the development of the individual.  We are all different and as such if we give 100% all the time it will develop us in to better people.



Mushin Shotokan Karate Club is a member of the Amateur Martial Association (AMA).
Its instructors are:
CRB cleared (cleared to work with children).
Fully insured.
Instructor qualified.
Comply with rules and regulations of the AMA.