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Club Training Fees and Costs

Membership Fees
The fees have been kept to a minimum.
To join the club there is a one off fee of 28.50, this fee includes your karate suit (gi) and club badge.  You will also need insurance this is currently 16 and must be purchased annually.  This makes a total of 44.50.  You will also need to pay your monthly training fees on top of this.

Training Fees
We try to keeps our fees to a minimum.  It currently costs 4.00 per hour lesson.  If you decide to join the club then you will be charged 16 per month, this fee is to be paid montly in advance.  The charge is 16 pm regardless of whether there are 4 or 5 lessons in the month thus saving you money.

Grading fees
Grading is conducted every 4 months.  The current charge for grading is 22.  This includes your pre-grading lesson and your grading, it also includes your certificate and belt if you are successful.

There are discounted rates for families of 3 or more and disables.